Friday, January 02, 2009

Day Center Kids Go to Mc Donalds

October was a crazy month at the Day Center. After rushing to get papers filled for the Day Center's legal approvals, the passing of our educator's husband, and meeting with the kids for a couple of days at our base while the Day Center was being repainted and repaired, we needed a break! The kids also had a week off from the Day Center during the repairs and to encourage them to continue to do their homework while they were at home they were offered a reward of going to Mc Donalds for their usual daily meal. A very exciting treat for a kid!

Well it ended up that not everyone did their homework, but Nuti ("Nutsi") our social worker had an idea and told the kids that each one who had earned the right to go to Mc Donalds could take another child with him, but would be responsible for helping him get his homework done the next week. Each child chose another until almost everyone would be going to Mc Donalds- except Ferdi...who had not been behaving very well and everyone knew it. "Should we leave Ferdi here kids?" Nuti asked the kids. Their immediate reaction was not very positive but after a few seconds they were all in agreement- YES, Ferdi would come to Mc Donalds too! And that is how all the kids ended up going to Mc Donalds. I have to say it was a example of grace and the best part was seeing the kids extend it to one another.

And needless to say, we had a great time!

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jolielee said...

aw i missed the trip to mc donalds :( ferdi, that little stinker :) i miss him and everyone else. gosh leah, your so blessed that you can be apart of those precious kids lives! Do you know if the Big pics ever got printed for the families?

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