Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Please pray for me. I am a little down and questioning my effectiveness here. I think I have hit a hard spot and I am needing to see what God is doing. Being here is enough, I know this, but I am having my doubts and questioning. Thank you for lifting me up :)

I had a great day at the Day Center yesterday. Mihaela, the main teacher for the kids, is great with them and we had so much fun singing songs and doing crafts yesterday afternoon. Please pray for Neazi one of the boys there. He is about 12 years old and I can see he is growing up and getting a little tougher and I just want to pray protection over him as many boys around his age stop coming to the Day Center and spend their time in the street. I really like this kid and hope that our friendship will develop.

About a month ago i started taking Romanian Lessons once a week from Ema, our base translator. I am really enjoying them and finally learning some things that are helping me to communicate more with the kids. Thank you Ema!

On the street things are basically the same. Oh Wait! We did have some excitement the other day! I brought my guitar on the street and we were singing with some of the kids and since there were so many there, not really anymore than usual, the neighbors got freaked out and called the police! You should have seen my face when they pulled up. I thought they were coming to take me away! :) haha, I know you guy who know me are thinking how silly and paranoid I am :) yeah its true!

You can pray for a situation on the street that has been scaring me. There are some boss guys coming around where we visit the kids and they are possibly hiring the kids to steel things for them. They are always walking around watching the kids and us and its a little weird.

Please pray for a boy named Alex who is 17 years old. He wants to get off the street but is too young to go to rehab. He has a meeting today with the director of our day center to get into another night shelter for a time. He had problems there before so we hope it will work out this time.

We found out that the only homes available in Constanta for pregnant women are government run and have just been closed. Now there is nothing available for women with this need. Please pray for something to develop for them, and for those with a heart for this to step forward!

Please pray for an older woman to take a job as a caregiver for Anca who has Hepatitus B and Coria one of the girls on the street who is pregnant. One of the foundations here has a home in a near-by town where these girls can live and be taken care of but we need a woman who can make it possible. They will be given free room and board and a small salary to care for their basic needs.

As I write this I see that there is so much going on here. We are involved in so many people's lives and this is really amazing. Regardless of my usefulness I am blessed by seeing God moving and working for those in need through so many people here in Constanta. Thank you for reading all this and for having a heart for Romania!

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Bruce Smith said...

Hi Leah - I was really moved by your notes, especially your care for these precious children that God has entrusted to you! Jesus said, "Truly I say to you, to the extent that you [fed, clothed, visited] to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me." Mt. 25:40. I think that's really something, don't you? I expect that one of these times as you are feeding, clothing, or visiting one of these little ones Jesus is going to look you in the eye and wink! The love He is giving you for these helpless ones is wonderful. I will pray for you and these children; for safety, patience, wisdom, and the special heart of love that is found only in God. I have sent lots of emails, but never a blog (is that what this is?); so I hope this comes through to you. (I was a little sad when I saw that there were 0 comments on your lovely message, after 5 days!) God Bless you, Bruce Smith

"All that is not the love of God has no meaning for me. I can truthfully say that I have no interest in anything but the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. If God wants it to, my life will be useful through my word and witness. If He wants it to, my life will bear fruit through my prayers and sacrifices. But the usefulness of my life is His concern, not mine. It would be indecent of me to worry about that."
- Dominique Voillaume
(From "The Signature of Jesus" by Brennan Manning)